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Benbrook Lake at Sunset2019 Water Conservation Plan

The 2019 Water Conservation Plan was prepared in accordance with requirements of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (30 TAC §288.30).  It is an update to the 2014 Water Conservation Plan previously prepared for BWA.  

View the 2019 Water Conservation Plan.

Drought Contingency Plan

The Drought Contingency Plan (the Plan) outlines the triggers and actions associated with each of the respective water management stages. These stages are:

  1. Water Watch
  2. Water Warning
  3. Water Emergency

These stages can be triggered by supply, distribution system, or treatment system constraints. They can also be triggered if system demands exceed existing permitted supplies, by the Benbrook Water Authority’s (BWA’s) wholesale water provider, Tarrant Regional Water District.

View the Drought Contingency Plan (PDF).