Water Supply

Benbrook Lake

Looking across Benbrook LakeThe Benbrook Water Authority's (BWA) primary water source is Benbrook Lake. While Benbrook Lake is owned and operated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the water in Benbrook Lake is managed by the Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD).

In 1992, BWA, TRWD and its existing customers, the City of Fort Worth, and the City of Weatherford entered into a contract which set forth the terms by which water from Benbrook Lake would be provided to BWA and the cities of Fort Worth and Weatherford. The contract sets the Dependable Yield of the lake at 6,833 acre-feet (approximately 2.2 billion gallons). BWA’s existing share of the Dependable Yield at the time of the contract was 1,551 acre-feet (approximately 500 million gallons). As a result of the 1992 contract, BWA’s portion of the Dependable Yield was set at 3,380 acre-feet (approximately 1.1 billion gallons) or 49.5% of the Dependable Yield. The City of Weatherford was allocated 40% of the Dependable Yield and the remaining 10% was allocated to the City of Fort Worth.

View the Tarrant Regional Water Supply Facilities Benbrook Reservoir Contract (PDF).

Supplemental Wells

BWA supplements the water from Benbrook Lake with water from 12 wells that produce approximately 1 million gallons each day. These wells are primarily located on the north side of Benbrook, but there are a few in the southern area of town.

Emergency Agreement

Additionally, BWA has an agreement with the City of Fort Worth that allows BWA to draw water from Fort Worth’s system in emergency situations.