Wastewater Treatment PlantWastewater is treated under contract with the City of Fort Worth at their regional treatment center at Village Creek, using conventional treatment with sand filtration. Wastewater capacity from Benbrook is not limited. The treatment capacity of the Village Creek facility is currently 166 million gallons per day (MGD).

Learn more about the Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility.

Collection System

The Benbrook Water Authority (BWA) maintains a wastewater collection system comprised of approximately 110 miles of pipe. The collection system also includes 3 lift stations. Lift stations are used when the terrain in an area doesn’t allow for gravity flow. Lift stations pump the wastewater up into other areas of the collection system where it can gravity-flow from BWA’s collection system to the City of Fort Worth’s system where it will be treated at their wastewater treatment plant.

The collection systems of BWA and the City of Fort Worth are interconnected in over 40 locations. BWA provides collection in south Benbrook, Westpark, and portions of Trinity Ranch prior to discharge into the Fort Worth system. North Benbrook, Ridglea Country Club and Mont Del Estates are served by a combination of BWA and Fort Worth collection lines.

Some areas of Benbrook are not connected to the BWA wastewater collection system. Many of these areas had septic systems prior to the availability of sanitary sewer service and have chosen to remain on their private system. Many of these private systems will eventually connect to the BWA sewer system when their septic system fails. The areas without residential sanitary sewer service are diminishing rapidly with the passage of time.