Sign Up for New Service

Residential Service

Residential customers can establish new service in one of two ways-in person at our main office or online. Our offices are located at:
Benbrook Water Authority
1121 Mercedes Street
Benbrook, TX 76126

To sign up for new residential service online, click here.

Commercial Service

Commercial customers must establish service in person at our office.

New Service Requirements

To establish new service, customers must complete an Application for Service and a Customer Service Inspection Form. Additionally, customers must provide a legible copy of their valid, government-issued ID and a copy of their lease agreement (if renting).

Residential Deposits

The current residential customer deposit requirement is $200. Residential customers providing an acceptable Letter of Credit from another utility company may have $100 of the deposit requirement waived. An acceptable letter of credit is one that shows a minimum of 12 months of payment history with no more than 2 late payments and no non-payment disconnects during the most recent 12 month period. For a Letter of Credit, customers may use the following types of utility companies:

  • Another water utility
  • Cable
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Land-line phone

Commercial or Multi-Family Deposits

The deposit requirements listed previously are for single-family residential properties only. For information on deposit requirements for commercial or multi-family properties please contact our office at 817-249-1250.