Development Services

Developer Authority Agreement

South elevated storage tank overlooking Benbrook ElementaryThis information is meant to help developers and new businesses as they plan for their new projects within Benbrook Water Authority (BWA) boundaries. All Developer-Authority Agreements must be approved by the BWA Board of Directors. A Developer-Authority Agreement must be executed before beginning construction work on new water and sewer infrastructure.

Review the BWA Policies and Procedures, Including Developer-Authority Agreement Form (PDF). This document includes the:

  • Conveyance Agreement
  • Developer-Authority Agreement 
  • Agreement for Professional Engineering Services
  • Standard Form of Agreement for Construction Projects (Developer/Contractor)
  • Development Process Checklist (Procedures for System Extensions and Capital Improvements by Developers)

Contact Numbers for Developers

Topic(s) of InterestContactPhone Number
Backflow Prevention InformationBelinda Pattison, Environmental Services817-443-3116
Grease Traps / Grit TrapsBelinda Pattison, Environmental Services817-443-3116
Development Plan and Plat Comments Related to Water and Wastewater InfrastructureBrad Hill, Development and Capital Improvements Manager817-443-3128
Tap Fees, Impact Fees, Fire Line Applications, and Meter DepositsPaul McDowell, Field Operations Manager817-443-3114