2021 Rate Changes

April/May 2021

On Tuesday April 6, 2021 the BWA Board plans to consider revisions to the Authority's water and wastewater rates.  Resolution 2021-01, as proposed, would not result in an increase in water rates or charges but does include a proposed increase in wastewater rates of 6.5% as recommended in the Water & Wastewater Rate Study. As currently proposed and if adopted, new rates would take effect May 1, 2021.

If adopted, Resolution 2021-01 will supersede Resolution 2016-06 which previously established the water and wastewater rates currently in place. In addition to increasing wastewater rates, Resolution 2021-01 updates or clarifies customer-class descriptions and eliminates various fees or charges that are either no longer applicable or otherwise addressed in the Authority's Schedule of Fees adopted in 2019.   

Looking Ahead

Later this year, the BWA Board may also consider adopting other changes to water and wastewater rates which were recommended in the Water & Wastewater Rate Study.  Considerations may include:

  1. Changes to billing tiers to improve cost allocation among customer classes
  2. Changing billing units from a per cubic foot of water used basis to a per thousand-gallons of water used basis 
  3. Utilization of a winter-quarter-average methodology of wastewater billing to stabilize customers' monthly wastewater charges