What causes taste and odor in my water?

Tastes and odor in your drinking water can have multiple causes. Seasonal changes, along with naturally occurring organic compounds in the water supply, can result in an earthy taste and odor in the water, an occurrence that is harmless and normally short-lived. On occasion, a faint smell of chlorine may be detected near aerators, in washers, showers or running water. This is because part of our job is to ensure that the amount of chlorine in the water is within the proper range so that your water is always bacteriologically safe for you and your family. Although temporary changes in taste and odor of the water are normal, if you are experiencing unusual changes in your water quality, we want to know about it. Please contact us at (817) 249-1250 to report any concerns over water quality at your home or business.For more information about the treatment process, visit the Water Operations webpage.

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