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Request to Terminate Service

  1. Use this form to terminate water service for an account that is in your name. If you need to terminate water service for an account that is not in your name, please contact our office at 817.249.1250 for assistance.

  2. Enter the name on the BWA account that you want to terminate.
  3. Enter the BWA account number.
  4. Enter the service address where you want to terminate service.
  5. Enter the date that you want the service to end. Dates must be Monday through Friday and not be on a holiday.
  6. Forwarding Address
    Enter the forwarding address for your final bill.
  7. Please upload a copy of your valid government-issued photo ID for verification.
  8. Phone Number and Email
    Please enter your phone number and email address. BWA staff will contact you if there are questions about this request.
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