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Request to Transfer Service

  1. Use this form to transfer your BWA water service to another service address served by BWA. Customers needing overlapping service (service at both addresses) for more than 14 days CANNOT use this form and will need to complete a New Service Application for the new service address.
  2. Current Address Information
  3. Enter the name on your current BWA account.
  4. Enter the date you would like to end service at this address. Dates must be Monday through Friday and not be a holiday.
  5. New Service Address Information
  6. Enter the address you are moving to.
  7. Are you renting this property?*
  8. Enter the date you would like to start service at this address. Date must be Monday through Friday and not be a holiday.
  9. Please upload a copy of a valid, government-issued photo ID for each person whose name is listed on this account.
  10. Request Confidentiality*
    Indicate if you would like your account information to be confidential. If you select YES, we will not share account information with persons who are not on the account.
  11. Bill Delivery Method*
  12. Enter your email address
  13. Leave This Blank:

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